Welcome to wyomingyouthservices.com. We have exciting news to report!  In light of past successes, Wyoming Youth Services (WYS) is pleased to announce a change in focus for the organization and the community it has so faithfully served.

WYS has done an incredible job fulfilling its mission during the last 35 years, partnering with the schools, City, and community to identify and address formerly unmet and unrecognized needs in the School and City.  Specifically, since forming in 1982, WYS fulfilled its mission of promoting volunteerism through its counseling programs at all levels of the school system, and prevention with innumerable outreach programs to at-risk youth throughout Wyoming.

In partnership with Wyoming City Schools and the City of Wyoming, WYS is now undergoing substantial change to serve the evolving needs of the community.  WYS is a transitioning to serve as the primary advocate for the City’s youth as a liaison between families and resources available in Wyoming and the wider community.  Effective with the 2016-2017 school year, WYS will act as connector to the community to navigate the needs of youth and families, rather than a providing programs and services directly.

As a result of this change, Wyoming Youth Services has updated its Vision and Mission statement to the following, furthering the ongoing partnership between the City, School, and community:

Our Vision:
A strong, empowered community where our citizens, our city, and our schools work together to meet the evolving needs of our youth and families.

Our Mission:
Strengthen our community by empowering families, connecting them to resources, and engaging in outreach to address the challenges facing our youth.